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7 Oceans Homes Ltd | About us

Providing excellent quality that exceeds expectations

We try to build the most premium duplexes and townhomes at the most affordable rates at seven ocean homes. Being aware of the local weather conditions, construction qualities and understanding the needs and desires of every client has helped us put our foot forward as the Best Edmonton builders for homes.

In a quest to deliver specialization, we employ specialized contractors but make sure that we don’t delay the time given to the customers. Over the years, we have tried and tested different contractors, which has allowed us to hire the best, and that is how we have built our dream team.

Our architects, interior and exterior designers, carpenters and other contractors have years of experience with them; they are the source of our strength and have made us one of the customer’s favourite Edmonton builders for building the highest quality duplexes & beautiful townhomes!

Over the years, we have become experts at building dream homes at stipulated budgets! Getting the right duplexes and townhomes in Edmonton may seem an ardent task, only until you visit seven ocean homes duplexes. We believe in laying down excellence brick by brick.

The vision is to provide you with sturdy, durable duplexes and townhomes and a combination of coziness and comfort.

Read the customer testimonials to know the legacy that we have left behind! With hundreds of happy customers, our work speaks for itself!

Everything is temporary; homes are not! We are professional Edmonton builders with a reputation for building sturdy, durable homes and global standards that you can call your home.

Our homes are built with proper ventilation, natural light and air. We are on a mission to build better construction homes with the best amenities. Trust us to give you wonderful homes that you would have never wondered about!! 

Homes are bought once in decades; therefore, we build them with precision, dedication and love!