New Townhomes Edmonton

Starting at $309,900

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Garage 1576 sq.ft

Townhomes For Sale

Are you looking for new townhomes in Edmonton? A dream home is something always close to your heart! We understand this at seven ocean homes and make townhouses as close as possible to your dream!

Often known as rowhouses, townhouses are joined by common walls and have private doors.

After much understanding and in-depth research, we have developed your dream townhouses which consist of 2 Bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one garage.

Townhouses or rowhouses are built in rows, and they share a wall on each side of the house!! We offer a variety of townhomes in Edmonton starting from $309,900 onwards. We understand that the house is where your heart is, and we have made comfortable and cozy homes after understanding your aspirations!!

All our townhouses for sale get sold quickly because we understand over the last ten years, we have developed a reputable brand and goodwill!!

We develop modern townhomes that are excellent in design, architecture, and innovation.

Over the years, we have become one of the most reliable companies for developing new townhomes in Edmonton and new condos in Edmonton!

We make sure that we offer one of the most beautiful, comfortable and cozy townhouses for sale.

When it concerns the Architecture design, modern plumbing and electricals, inserting smart electric appliances, pleasing aesthetics, including wall posters and paints, we ensure that you get the best quality combined with your fondness!

Similarly, we give you the best flooring options when it comes to flooring options.

Townhouse Exterior

Townhouse Exterior Front
Townhouse Exterior Front
Townhouse Exterior Back
Townhouse Exterior Back




Our townhomes in Edmonton have become one of the most sought-after because we uniquely design them. We make sure that the area around is lush green gardens on the inside by providing backyard lawns!

We have developed communities where you’d love to stay along with your community. We choose the communities around areas like schools, shopping malls, entertainment areas etc. You will love the community and the neighbourhood as it is quiet and convenient. There is ample access to unique green places with facilities, including schools, colleges, medical shops, hospitals, transportation!

Due to covid, all places have been sanitized, and our staff has been vaccinated. We have arranged 360 degree visual home tours to get hassle-free and perfect ideas about your dream homes.

We constantly innovate and bring sustainable home solutions with innovative design, construction, and technology.

Our prices are super competitive, and we guarantee better quality services. Years of working have ensured that we employ the best professional home builders who are super passionate about their work. Moreover, we make sure that we offer quality townhomes and modern duplexes and exceptional after-sales services and warranties with each product or service we sell!

Starting to live in a new home is like starting a new journey. We make sure that yours is full of positive and good vibes.

Offering private spaces that are incredibly peaceful and prosperous!